Friends, Bubbles, and Paint


One of my favorite things that me and my kids have done so far this summer is visit Jonie and her kids in Tennessee. I feel like I have known Jonie for years and interact with her almost everyday online. So I was extremely excited to get to meet her in person while visiting my sister in TN. Jonie so graciously invited us over to her house for the day and had fun summer craft activities for the kids to do. It was so much fun to watch our kids play together. You would have thought they were long lost friend, the way they jumped right in and started playing together. I thought I would share with you the summer craft fun that our kids did! It was a great way to keep them playing so we could talk and enjoy our time together.

First, Jonie set up a great painting station outside. She lined the table with paper grocery bags and pulled out all sorts of paints and brushes. I thought it was brilliant that she had silicon kitchen type brushes for them to use. Finn loved that. The kids made a huge paint mess and had lots of fun mixing colors together. Best thing about this method of painting, after they are done you just roll up the paper, so clean up is easy.


Next the kids moved on to making giant bubbles. This was really fun to watch. The kids got all soapy and dirty but Joine pulled out the kiddy pool and the water hose for them to clean off in. There were a few mishaps with the water hose. Mainly brother spraying sisters.



It was a great day and our kids keep asking to see each other again.

I am very lucky that blogging has brought me such great friends. I only wish all of them lived close enough to visit!!!!

Bubble Recipe

  • 1/2 cup dawn dish soap
  • 6 cups of water
  • 1 tablespoon glycerin

Mix together slowly and try not to make the mixture foamy.

Bubble Makers

  • Straws
  • Yarn

String 2 straws onto approximately 1 yards of yarn. Tie yarn closed. Dip loop in bubble solution holding the straw handles and gently glide then through the air to create giant bubbles.

I hope you have fun day like this with your friend this summer, too!


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