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SWB-camping-badge-01Containers (for things) // Sewing With Boys // pensebroxMy son is a collector of just about anything that catches his eye but he always seems to be in full gathering mode whenever we are out in nature. Giving him containers to sort and house his “treasures” is a must.

Containers (for things) // Sewing With Boys // pensebroxI love re-using large and medium containers that are often found holding things like yogurt or sour cream. Not only are the containers the perfect sizes for re-purposing but the print often comes off with household supplies and elbow grease leaving a blank canvas to great creative with!

Containers (for things) // Sewing With Boys // pensebroxThe great thing about this project is that younger kids can partake in the decoration aspect and older kids can do the entire thing on their own. Alternative methods to the magic eraser mentioned in the tutorial should be tackled by a parent only.

– Plastic containers
– Permanent markers or other decorative materials
– Magic eraser or similar product to remove print from the container (optional if containers have no print)

Containers (for things) // Sewing With Boys // pensebroxYou can remove the print on many containers with nothing more than repeatedly rubbing a magic eraser over the area. 100% Acetone (nail polish) applied using a rag also removes the print with less elbow grease. The latter is something that should be done only by an adult wearing gloves in a well ventilated area. It might take longer using a magic eraser but overall it seems like the more convenient option to me. No need to take special precautions and kids can help with the task!

Containers (for things) // Sewing With Boys // pensebroxRemoving the print on some containers may prove more difficult than others. The marshmallow fluff containers I had leftover from making a cake filling gave us quite the workout but eventually we got a nice clear surface. Sometimes no matter how much you rub there will still be a faint impression left over instead of a perfectly white surface. I’ve found that once you re-decorate the container the impression is not noticeable at all.

Containers (for things) // Sewing With Boys // pensebroxContainers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so get creative with what you use. Even clear containers are great for this project!

Containers (for things) // Sewing With Boys // pensebroxContainers (for things) // Sewing With Boys // pensebroxWe used permanent markers in an array of colors to decorate the containers. Anything can be used that will adhere to the plastic. Permanent markers, paint, stickers (ideal for smaller kids that you might not want wielding permanent markers), and even decoupage would all be great mediums to use.

Containers (for things) // Sewing With Boys // pensebroxThat is it! Sometimes the simplest projects are the best projects. Not only are you recycling but the re-purposed containers are great for a multitude of uses.

Containers (for things) // Sewing With Boys // pensebroxBe sure to also save the lids for enclosed storage.

Containers (for things) // Sewing With Boys // pensebroxEven without a lid the containers can be used for supplies of all shapes and sizes.

Containers (for things) // Sewing With Boys // pensebroxContainers (for things) // Sewing With Boys // pensebroxOf course they are also perfect to be used outside for the collector!

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