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Sewing with boys meets Jonie Brooks

How long hHandmade Disney by Knot Sew Normal - Avengers Shirtsave you been sewing? I have been sewn off and on since I was a teen, but I have been sewing seriously since 2009.

How many boys do you sew for? How old are they? I sew for my son Mr T, who is 4; my husband, Allen and occasionally for my brother-in-law.

Handmade Disney by Knot Sew Normal - Freezer Paper Stencil

What is your favorite item you have sewn for your boy/boys? Their Halloween costumes last year. We went to Disney for Halloween and I think my dudes looked fantastic.

Handmade Disney by Knot Sew Normal -

What do you think are the biggest obstacles in sewing for boys? Finding patterns I love that aren’t just the same thing repeated or something totally crazy.

Where is your favorite place to buy fabric for boys? I am pretty bored when it comes to buying fabric and I get most of mine from Joann’s. I have recently become a fan of Mabel Madison, they have some really cute stuff. I upcycle a lot so I am always looking through clearance racks to turn into cool shirts for Mr. T.Mystery Challenge French Revolution - Knot Sew Normal

(this is a shirt that I had tie-dyed for my husband and then I upcycled it into this shirt for Mr.T)

 Who are you favorite boy pattern designers? I like Peek-a-boo patterns for a classic boy look. I have sewn their Grandslam raglan more times than I can count. It is my go-to boy shirt. I also really love GYCT Designs, Shwin and Shwin, Oliver and S, and Titchy Threads.

Perfect Pattern Parcel #5 - Maxwell Shirt by Knot Sew Normal

(The Maxwell Shirt by Shwin and Shwin)

What are your favorite sewing with boy resource(blog, books, etc)?

Friends Stitched Together, Made By Rae, Ottobre Magazine. I also love to peruse clothing catalogs for ideas of what I want to sew, Hannah Anderson, Gap, Mini Boden and RUUM.

Do you sew with the boys in your life? If so, what do you make with them?

Mr. T hangs out with me while I sew, he isn’t quiet to the sewing stage yet, but he loves to express his opinion and style in all the projects I make for him.

How to add zipper tabs to a metal zipper by Knot Sew Normal

(Mr T picked everything for this pouch)


Why do you think it is important to teach boys to sew?

It is just a good life skill to have. You never know when your favorite pair of pants might rip and you need to fix them. Plus sewing can be a problem solving activity, if you are designing your own patterns there is so much to figure out.

 What would you like to see more of in the Boy Sewing world? 

More boy fabrics for sure. It is so easy to walk in to any place that sells fabric and pick up whatever I need to sew for my daughter. It would be nice to just have more choices for boys.

How do you challenge yourself to break gender stereotypes when sewing for your boy(s)?

I really don’t think in gender stereotypes when it comes to my kids. If Mr T wants a purple shirt, purple it will be. Same thing for my daughter. No color palette is off limits.


What (or who) inspires your boy sewing?

Mr T. I love the challenge of making him something cool and stylish.

Handmade Disney by Knot Sew Normal - Upcycled Spiderman Raglan with colorblocking

Tell us a bit about your favorite boy(s)!

Mr T is my crazy tornado 4 year-old. He is sight to behold. My favorite guy is my husband, Allen, who is crazy supportive and encourages me so much. He is also brutally honest and will tell me when something isn’t working. Plus he is pretty handy to have around.

Handmade Disney by Knot Sew Normal -

Tell us about your blog and what inspired you to start it.

My blog covers a little bit of everything, I sew, crochet, paint, craft, DIY, I have ADHD and I know that shows through in the crazy assortment of things on my blog. I was inspired to start my blog when I started crocheting hats. I was making these cool hats and everyone kept telling me I needed a blog, so I figured what the heck. My focus shifted from crocheting to mostly sewing last year. I really love blogging, because it keeps me accountable to finish projects. Also the creative blogging world is so awesome and I have truly made some awesome friends since I started blogging. I have truly found my tribe with the creative blogging world.


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