Washable Drawing Pad Tutorial


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Supplies Needed:

  • 1 yard of white or light colored cotton woven fabric.
  • 1/3 yard fun printed woven fabric(printed cotton or printed flannel, I used flannel n the tutorial)
  • 1.5 yards Fusing (It comes in 15” and 17” wide. I used 15” Pellon Brand)
  • Iron
  • Sew machine or hand sewing needles
  • Thread
  • Serger optional
  • Pinking shears optional

Creating How to make the drawing pad sheets:

1. Iron the fabric that you have chosen for you drawing pad sheets. It is important to get out the wrinkles or there will be bumps on your sheets.

2. Next, you need iron the fusing onto the wrong side of the fabric. To do this cut  a sheet of fusing that is 1 inch less than the width of your fabric.  In this example, the fabric 44 inches long and the fusing is 15 inches wide. I cut my fusing sheet at 43 inches. Do not let the fusing stick off the edges. I will make a mess on your ironing board

3.Follow the instructions for your fusing on how long to iron and the heat setting. Iron on fusing.


4. Let it cool and peel the paper backing off.

5. Fold the remaining fabric over the fusing. Line the fabric up and iron the two sides together. Now it is time to measure out your sheets.

I like to fold my large rectangle in half before I mark it for cutting.   Today, I am making my sheets 5 inches wide. You can vary this and make them any size.


6. Fold Fabric rectangle in half before starting the measuring and cutting.

7. Measure 1 inch from the edge on the side before you start your 5 inch increment measurements.(Remember, we left a border of fabric without fusing).Continue measuring across. If you are using 44 inch fabric you should get 8 sheet rectangles. Your cut sheets will be 5 inches wide by 15 inches long.

8. Now, cut the sheets you measured in step 7. I use a ruler and a rotary cutter on a self-healing mat. I find I get the straightest lines this way. It also speeds up the process.


9.Now, finish the sheets edges.  You can leave them just like they are but I like to finish mine. I either serge the edge not cutting away any fabric or use my pinking shears and cut around the rectangle right at the edge.


Creating Cover:

1.Now, set your sheets aside and it is time for the cover. For the cover you will need to cut 2 rectangles measuring 6 inches wide and 17inches long.

2.I personally, like to serge my pieces together with wrong sides together. I do not remove any fabric when I serge I just simply attach the pieces.


**Another way to finish is to stitch the rectangles together wrong sides together at a ½ inch seam allowance. Then pink around the edges.

**For a no sew option you could using the fusing and adhere your cover pieces and then pink for a finished looking edge.

3. Lastly, take 3 to 5 sheets and stack them on top of the cover.

4. Line up the middle of your sheets and your cover.  Pin them together.

5. Stitch together. You can use your machine or do it by hand. Remember your cover is larger than your sheets.


Now , you have a great little washable drawing pad. As long as you use washable markers it can be used over and over. To start over with a clean drawing pad, simply, wash on the warm cycle. I wash my kid’s with the towels.

finishedbook collage





Happy sewing!




This tutorial has also appeared at Addiek.com .

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